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Safety Equipment

Safety of workers is of utmost priority in any industrial sector. It is the duty of the project manager and the company under whose guidance project is going on to provide essential safety equipments to all workers present on the site. To buy safety equipments online become a necessity especially when hazardous or harmful conditions are prevalent in the working environment like toxic gases, risk of fire etc. In order to ensure the safety of personnel while working, Bellstone has compiled an economical range of safety equipments. They are categorized into following five major groups which are discussed briefly along with their major highlights.


Small yet necessary, safety accessories which are often required for the working staff include mask, helmet, gloves, goggles, belts and ear plug. It won’t be wrong to call them the core constituents of safety equipments, since they are widely used for construction sites, chemical plants, mining and other major industrial projects.


For the safety of people and vehicles moving on road, traffic safety equipments are of vital importance. We have an impressive range of delineators, safety cones, message plates, LED edge light signs and many other types of equipments to make the traffic on road risk proof. Affordable and quality safety equipments we supply online to our clients for complete satisfaction.


When weather conditions are not favourable for workers, they need sufficient protection to meet deadlines of the project. Tent, raincoat and tarpaulin are some of the accessories that are known to protect labour from the unfavourable climatic conditions. Further, at reasonable prices we give fogging machine for entertainment, industrial and other applications.


Keep your working space or company free from the risk of free with our reliable fire extinguishers. We have variants of fire extinguishers to suit various needs and budgets. Some are foam based while some are CO2 extinguishers to eliminate the chances of fire around you. With varying capacities and features, we are presenting a much needed assortment of equipments for fire safety.


Apart from equipments, there are safety shoes and gumboots that must be considered as well. They are necessary to avoid the injury on feet due to any mishap. When the workers are dealing with heavy equipments or sharp tools or working under risky weather conditions, it becomes essential to wear safety shoes and gumboots. We have an interesting and colourful range of gumboots while our safety shoes are made of enduring materials.

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