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Medical Equipment

Bellstone, an online medical equipment supplier in India provide hospitals and other health centres with enduring medical products. We have an extensive variety of ninety thousand equipments and tools in the stock to deliver excellence in healthcare. For clinical and research applications, we are known as the reliable medical equipment supplier in India.

We have advanced and well established manufacturing unit to serve the discrete needs of medical professionals. With an exhaustive assortment comprising respiratory masks, digital thermometers, urinal pot, instrument tray, blood glucose monitor, weighing scale to folding stretcher, autoclave and baby bassinet, we are known as the largest medical equipment supplier in India. Across the India, we are offering not just medical equipments but also, enhancing the overall quality of life. Being the foremost medical equipment supplier in India, we always stay updated with the latest innovation in the industry. Currently, we are dealing with medical equipments under following three categories.

Hospital equipment

Instrument tray, I.V. rod for hospital bed, wash basin stand, ANTI-DECUBITUS mattress, bed side screen, x-ray view box and the list comprises more than hundred products for hospital equipments. Thus, you can expect recent upgrades in medical equipments from us. If you want to get rid of your obsolete equipments, contact Bellstone- the premium medical equipment supplier in India for your discrete clinical requirements.

Diagnostic/Health Monitoring

We have certified digital thermometer, nebulizer, weighing scale, blood composition monitor and blood pressure monitor with standard certifications for accurate diagnosis. Expedite your procedure with the outstanding benefits of our products. They are manufactured in extreme care and under controlled conditions to deliver you top notch services.

Suction Pump

High vacuum high flow suction units of various dimensions are available on our portal. With stainless steel, plastic housing or MS powder coating, for your various needs we have seventeen types of suction units which vary in weight and functioning. Some of them have manual overflow safety while others can be monitored electrically or both. There are cases when overuse or you can say the prolonged use brings down the productivity of equipment. Under such circumstances, repair or replacement are the only two options left for you. Since, we are dedicated towards our passion and commitment to deliver quality, six months warranty comes with our every product. Thus, you can be assured of our services as the medical equipment supplier in India. With proper care and management, you can even reap long term benefits from our products.

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