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There are several questions that run at the back of mind when we need to make a purchasing decision. And such questions become even more crucial when they are connected to humankind. Talking about laboratory equipments, the concern is directly or indirectly related to the life of people. Apart from the cost, user friendliness and design, the responsibility of one’s life come with medical devices and equipments.
No matter you run a hospital, lab or a clinic, laboratory supplies for clinical applications should be well-examined on three important factors:

Cost Involved

No doubt budget constraints affect the buying decision but along with that there are many other pricing aspects that often go ignored. For instance, the maintenance of the laboratory equipment is the foremost thing to consider. If high value is involved for the same or frequent investments, you might suffer financial losses in long run. Similarly, replacement parts/consumables must not be the problem to find or afford for you after prolonged use. It is always advisable to do enough research both online and offline for the alternatives present in the market. It won’t just help you to save your money, in fact ensures contentment with the right buying decision.

Service Quality

Manufacturer warranty is not the only thing that defines the life expectancy of lab equipments. There are many original equipment manufacturers and third party vendors for laboratory supplies who make you sign a service contract with them. It is required you go through such contracts thoroughly to reap long term benefits. Consider whether the contract is for short or long term, what extra cost is incurred by signing it, does it include an auto renewal clause, cancellation charges and guaranteed response time. All these aspects would determine the quality of service you can expect from the laboratory equipment manufacturer.

User Friendliness

With advanced developments in laboratory supplies from time to time, it becomes important that you are updated with these changes. If you don’t have hands on experience on the equipment you buy, the money invested might go waste. Also, you must retrieve enough information from the vendor of laboratory supplies or perform a trial to ensure the user friendliness of the equipment is fine.

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