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To shape the world in a smarter way, construction machinery plays an important role. With the changing needs of the customers and operators, it’s designing and development process undergoes consistent evolution. The main agenda behind this evolutionary process is to present the world with the best, reliable, safe and most astounding infrastructure. However, there are many other aspects that are involved in influencing its designs and development such as ever changing regulations, associated costs, aesthetics and growing infrastructure development activities to name a few.

Major factors that make an impact on the development of construction equipment are briefly discussed below:

Emission Regulations

Due to the enforcement of stringent emission regulations, noticeable changes can be observed in the machinery including - Accommodation of after treatment devices to facilitate larger construction equipment compartment. - Reducing overall cost involved to counterbalance the extra cost due to emission modules - Redesigning fuel systems, lube systems, air systems and hydraulic systems - Improved cooling and under hood air flow


No longer are developed countries concerned about the safety of construction machinery. Even developing countries like India and China have become active in supplying safe and reliable construction equipments, which are upgraded as per the latest safety standards. Here, major focus in on operator safety and this is followed by design and development of products with ‘Roll-Over Protection Structure’ [ROPS] and/or with ‘Falling-Object Protection System’ [FOPS]. Interestingly, machines with remote operators are in the pipeline for fast and effective results.

Advanced Engineering

As per the new industry norm, around 18-36 months time duration has been finalized for the new product development (NDP) cycle. It has been observed that through advanced engineering implementation, the NDP cycle time has reduced to significant levels. It is quite useful to give more productive results to the market considering CAD, CAM, CAE/CFD, virtual validation and digital manufacturing has helped to produce enhanced construction machinery.

Aesthetics & Ergonomics:

As there is more demand for aesthetically pleasing products in the market, construction machinery now pays more focus on studios and styling experts for the concept stage of product development. Additionally, ergonomics for the operator comfort is another vital factor. For increased productivity by the operator, potential changes that have been made to construction equipments include user-friendly infotainment system and ease of machine operation.

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